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Control, Automation and Protection

Design and implementation of industrial networking solutions with high availability and reliability. Integration of control systems, protection, automation and telecontrol of electrical systems with emphasis on real time and cybersecurity.


 N is5Industrial solutions provider with advanced networking technology to hostile environments. IS5Com offers complete solutions for planning, designing and solving network problems Advanced Ethernet of substations.


N VizimaxVIZIMAX Inc, is a Canadian company pioneer in the development of synchronized control relays worldwide. Develops and manufactures innovative solutions aimed at the control and monitoring of electrical equipment.


N OrbcommORBCOMM is a leading global provider of satellite communication solutions from machine to machine ( M2M ) designed to track, monitor and control fixed and mobile assets remotely in key markets .


N NovatechNovaTech is the US leader in measurement solutions power substation automation and process control. For more than three decades it has been making electricity grids around the world more reliable, efficient, sustainable and safe.


PTI is an authorized distributor for Colombia

  • ORION platforms for substation automation: performs a wide range of automation and safety applications in electrical service substations, with minimal configuration and maintenance. A single Orion can replace multiple inherited enclosures in a substation, reducing the costs of hardware, design, wiring and panels.

  • BiTRONICS meter for power measurement and fault: SCADA meters and transducers greatly simplify and reduce the costs of wiring configuration and applications in traditional Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). The RMS updates of a cycle of the new PowerPlex II are ideal for synchronization and other automation applications. The event recorders 70 series were the first intelligent electronic devices (IED) and analytical control IEC 61850 compliant.


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N kalkitech

Leader in products and substation automation solutions that meet the communication standard IEC61850 and applications across the spectrum of SmartGrid solution from advanced automation measurement and distribution to wide area monitoring and optimization of power plants.


Founded in 1983, Advantech is a leader in automation and communications solutions and products focused on SmartCities and IoT solutions .

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